Tap Into Millennial Potential by Creating a Stellar Website

From nonprofithub.org

Millennials are set on making a difference.

In fact, only 15 percent of millennials didn’t give to an NPO in 2013. So how do you get even part of that 85 percent to donate to your organization? The answer for your nonprofit is through branding.

Yep. I said the words “brand” and “nonprofit” in the same sentence. Millennials have huge potential in the nonprofit sector, and ultimately the way to tap into it and win the hearts of millennials is branding.

There’s enough on creating a stellar brand to fill a college course, so we’ll focus on the visual brand—specifically your web design.

I know, I know… buzzwords like branding and brand loyalty in the nonprofit sector tend to make people cringe because they think of the “stuffy corporate world,” but in this case a nonprofit having good branding leads to brand loyalty which means donor loyalty. If 85 percent of millennials are giving to NPOs, where are they giving? Make your NPO their first choice. Creating an immaculate visual brand—specifically within your website—for people to connect with is the way to stay top-of-mind when faced with the question, “Where should I donate?”

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