Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blackbaud Partner Network Focused on Extending the Nonprofit Technology Ecosystem

CHARLESTON, S.C.--()--Blackbaud, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLKB) today announced the newly revamped and revitalized Blackbaud Partner Network. The network expands on Blackbaud’s existing partnerships, adding new ones to build an even stronger ecosystem around its leading solutions and services for nonprofits.

“Blackbaud and Fusion, together, have created the premier technology solution that exists in the market today for nonprofit entities that do grant making and provide scholarships to qualified recipients throughout North America.”

“When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins,” said Chris Clinton, Blackbaud’s vice president of global channels and partner ecosystem. “That’s why we’ve developed the Blackbaud Partner Network, a group of leading technology and services firms providing nonprofits with the solutions, applications and strategies they need to make a difference in their local communities and worldwide.”
Blackbaud recently entered into several new and expanded partnerships. ADP joined the Blackbaud Partner Network as an alliance partner; Attend, Fusion Labs, Graduway, Haiku, Linkster and Ve Interactive all joined as Blackbaud Technology Partners. These companies join a group of long-term Blackbaud partners such asSalesforce.com, PaperSave, Omatic, Microsoft, and Small World Labs.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Attention Nonprofits: 5 Secrets to Attract Donors

          By Andy Robinson
          Entrepreneur Magazine

After 35 years of fundraising, I keep returning to a few words of wisdom from Joan Flanagan, a pioneer in applying fundraising principles to the needs of grassroots organizations and author of several books including Successful Fundraising.“All the knowledge about fundraising can be summed up in ten words” Flanagan says. “Ask ‘em, thank ‘em, ask ‘em again, thank ‘em again.”

I consult with many nonprofits, and they find these words to be a great relief. They have always viewed fundraising as complicated, mysterious and scary, something they don’t want to touch. They assume they need to hire someone with appropriate credentials, as one would hire an accountant, plumber or lawyer, to do their bidding. Yes, if you want to raise money, you have to ask people – and that means people you know. But have no fear.

 Fundraising is really pretty simple. At its heart, it is one person asking another to get involved, provide help, take a stand or join a movement. Yes, there are strategies and techniques, but they are far less important than the one quality you need to be successful: passion for the mission.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Spark and Foundation Center Form Strategic Alliance, Offer New Benefits to Social Good Organizations

New Partnership Delivers Fundraising and Capacity-Building Resources

News from the Foundation Center

New York, NY — April 15, 2014. One Spark, Inc., a leader in the social entrepreneurship sector, and the Foundation Center, the leading authority on philanthropy, have announced a strategic alliance designed to connect people working on great ideas to the resources they need to make them a reality. Unveiled on the heels of One Spark’s premier five-day crowdfunding festival for creators, the partnership will help open up new funding pathways for nonprofit organizations affiliated with the One Spark community.

One Spark is a nonprofit organization working to foster an environment of creativity and innovation. Best known for its crowdfunding festival of the same name, One Spark serves as a platform for artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators to showcase their ideas and connect to both human and financial capital that can help them meet their goals. One Spark’s annual event in Jacksonville, Florida, which took place April 9-13, featured more than 632 projects from across the country and around the world, more than 100 of which were presented by nonprofit organizations. One Spark will host its first festival outside of the United States in Berlin, Germany this fall.

More non-profits teaching parents to read with children

By Lillian Mongeau

Uriel Torres, 4, wasn’t sitting quietly as his tutor read him a book about Clifford, that irascible big red dog. He wasn’t sitting at all. He leaned forward out of his high chair, almost laying his little body out onthe kitchen table, to get a closer look at the illustrations.

Uriel is one of nearly 100 children in East Palo Alto who receive free books and private tutoring through the nonprofit 10 Books A Home, in exchange for a commitment from his mother: She reads with him every day. Programs such as 10 Books A Home, which focus on improving early reading skills by engaging parents, are spreading in California.

The programs have different approaches. For instance, the statewide Raising A Reader program and San Diego’s Words Alive! both work with child care centers and preschools to connect with children and parents. But all the programs have the same goal: To get children, and parents, excited about reading.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Charleston Association of Grant Professionals (CAGP) to meet April 15

The Charleston Association of Grant Professionals will meet Tuesday, April 15, at the Charleston County Public Library, 68 Calhoun St. in Charleston from 5:45 – 7:30.

The speaker will be  Sandy Clair, Executive Director, Charleston Area Senior Citizens.   

Topic: What Grant Writers Need to Know About In-Kind Donations”

§        Does your organization rely heavily on in-kind donations?
§        Do you know what to include as in-kind donations?
§        Do you know how to track the current value of volunteer time?
§        Do you know how to determine the fair value of a donation?

In-kind donations not only show public support given to your organization but they also show “true costs” of activities. Be sure you are taking advantage of these valuable contributions and recording them correctly.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Channel: Nonprofit software deemed a must-have by many charities

Nonprofits represent a challenging market for channel companies.

On the one hand, there are lots of potential customers under the nonprofit banner. The National Center for Charitable Statistics puts the population of tax-exempt organizations in the United States at 1.4 million. This population includes public charities, private foundations and other groups, such as fraternal organizations. In terms of headcount, the nonprofit sector ranks third after retail and manufacturing, employing 10.7 million paid workers in 2010, according to the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Employment Data Project. That's twice the size of the employment rolls in finance and insurance, the project noted. We are definitely seeing people move toward trying to run their nonprofit like a business. Dean Quiambao, director, Amanino LLC

But nonprofits typically don't spend lavishly on IT. The percentage of donations spent on overhead versus core missions varies from nonprofit to nonprofit.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey Points to Tough Road Ahead

By Ruth McCambridge
Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ)

What the Nonprofit Finance Fund found in its 2014 annual survey of the financial state of nonprofits suggests that nonprofits are experiencing increased need for the sixth straight year and that need is expected to persist. Additionally, a record number of nonprofits are unable to meet that need.

Here are the topline results for the survey of more than 5,000 organizations. We will take a deeper look tomorrow.
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