9 Emails Non-Profits Should Send to Attract and Maintain Donors

From www.business2community.com

Last year non-profits raised $324 billion through online fundraising. According to M+R Benchmarks, email marketing played a big role in that figure.

It’s no secret that non-profits are strapped for time, cash and resources, which explains why email marketing is so popular. It’s an affordable option that can attract and maintain donors with a small time investment.

While many non-profits are already sending emails to their donors, we have some advanced tips to take your non-profit email marketing to the next level. This guide explains:

  • 3 emails you should send to new donors before asking for a dime
  • 3 emails you should send to ask for donations
  • 3 emails you should send to maintain donors
  • 3 tips for successful emails

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