'Tis the season for giving—nonprofits organize end-of-year fundraisers

By Chloe Morrison
Nooga.com, Chattanooga, TN

More than four years after the Great Recession and on the heels of the 16-day federal government shutdown, the country’s budgeting and financial woes aren’t yet resolved—and all those factors impact charitable giving.

"The numbers look much better in terms of charitable giving than they did a few years ago," Heather DeGaetano, associate director with United Way’s Center for Nonprofits, said. "My sense is that—as government budgets have been cut and the recession took its toll on nonprofits—there is a significantly increased demand for nonprofit services ... This means that nonprofits need more funding and more volunteer resources to fill these gaps."

Between 30 and 40 percent of all charitable giving is done during the holiday season, she also said.

Officials with nonprofits and philanthropic organizations typically organize fundraisers at the end of the year, aiming to ensure they have funds going forward, she said.

In the next couple of months, area residents will have a wide range of opportunities to give to organizations whose leaders aim to improve lives.