Government Giving Nonprofits Angst

By Annie Lowrey
New York Times

WASHINGTON — FOR some nonprofits, the good times are back. Corporate profits and the stock market are up, and wealthy families have regained nearly all the income they lost during the recession. In turn, charitable giving has increased for each of the last three years, and many nonprofits have intensified fund-raising or seen huge donations roll in: a $100 million gift to the Central Park Conservancy, say, or Harvard’s new $6.5 billion capital campaign

But those are exceptions, not the rule, nonprofit experts said, and those in the field remain anxious. Even as the economy recovers, the charitable sector as a whole is facing a tough and deeply uncertain economic environment. The economic scars from the recession continue to haunt many charitable groups. Need remains acute. And the tough fiscal environment for federal, state and local governments further threatens them.

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