New Report Addresses Opportunities for Funders That Collaborate

Companion "Interactive Tool Finder" Aids the Search for Technology Solutions

New York, NY — November 7, 2013. A new report released today sheds light on how online tools are changing the way funders collaborate. Harnessing Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better is the product of research conducted jointly by the Monitor Institute and the Foundation Center. This report helps funders learn about the different phases of collaboration and online tools that can help them advance all types of sharing, coordination, and cooperation.

“Increasingly, foundations seek to leverage the impact of their giving by joining with others to address large, complex problems,” said Katherine Fulton, president of the Monitor Institute, a part of Monitor Deloitte. “The logistical challenges they face in working together can be daunting, but new technologies can make collaborations easier by reducing inefficiencies and enabling new methods of working together that were difficult to imagine just a few years ago.”

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