Two nonprofits merge to better meet needs of the poor

By Cynthia Boyd

Ask Liz Kuoppala whether it’s the economy or the need for more clout that’s propelling her social service organization’s upcoming merger and she’s hard-pressed to make a distinction.

Really, she’ll tell you, it is both the significant need of Minnesota’s poor as well as the need for a more commanding profile in this challenging economy that is leading to the marriage of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and the Affirmative Options Coalition.  

Simply put, the advocacy groups realize they share a similar vision and mission.
In that, the groups are like many other service nonprofit organizations in Minnesota that have merged since 1999, according to an interesting study, “Synopsis: Success Factors in Nonprofit Mergers,”  released in July by MAP for Nonprofits and the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation.

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