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The 15 most common nonprofit bylaw pitfalls: how to avoid the traps

From the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

and Venable LLC

Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum and Kristalyn 
J. Losen

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Although it might not be the document most commonly on the minds of nonprofit directors, officers or staff, bylaws form the backbone of governance for nonprofit organizations and, therefore, are a very important document. When nonprofits need to consult their bylaws, such as when a membership dispute, concern about an errant director, meeting notice, or voting issue arises, they are often surprised to find that the bylaws are outdated, do not conform to the law, or do not reflect the organization’s current practices. Regular bylaw reviews are key to ensure both that the organization is compliant with the state of the law and that the bylaws reflect enough flexibility to accommodate the manner in which the organization’s operates today.

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