Tips for Nonprofits on Measuring Social Media Metrics that Matter

By Aine Creedon
Nonprofit Quarterly

When it comes to establishing a digital strategy, nonprofits know by now that we need to grow our online audiences. A big part of that is connecting to our communities through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But now that there is endless data we can monitor from all these social channels, is your organization aware of what metrics are important to track?

 At NTEN’s 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Debra Askanase, founder and digital engagement strategist at Community Organizer 2.0, held an informative session on advanced social media practices. The session took social media management to the next level, focusing on what metrics nonprofits should be focusing in on to help make decisions around online engagement.

 Three important questions that can help guide your organization in what data should be valuable to track:

 Does it inform our decisions?
Does it check our progress?
Does it show if we matter?

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