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Top 4 Examples of Effective Social Media Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

By Neil Patel,
co-founder of Crazy Egg

When it comes to nonprofit social media marketing, the idea is the same as social media marketing for any type of business.

The challenge, however, is that we tend to think that everything is different, simply because the organization we're working with is nonprofit.

What I've discovered is that the difference between traditional marketing and nonprofit marketing isn't in the tactics, but rather in the ultimate goal. Traditional marketing aims to increase sales and revenue. Nonprofit marketing aims to inspire and motivate.

In both cases, marketing is an attempt to broadcast the message to a larger audience. Nonprofits can engage their social media audiences with all the same creativity, energy, and calls to action of any other business.

Nonprofits face significant challenges in social media marketing. The time they have to spend on social media marketing is limited. According to data from one survey, around half of all nonprofits spend two hours or less each week on marketing. Due to the size and limited resources of nonprofits, it's most common to have a single person in charge of the social media efforts. Most significantly, the vast majority of nonprofits do not have a documented strategy, do not measure their social media efforts, and do not track the social media accounts of their donors and volunteers.

In spite of these shortcomings, there are some nonprofits who are setting an outstanding example in the social media space. I've organized four of these great examples, and provided a list of suggestions that can help you to improve your nonprofit's marketing endeavors.

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