Purpose in the Workplace

By Lisa Chau
            Via Huffpost Impact, www.huffingtonpost.com

Last November, I attended a Millennials Summit at Thompson Reuters. One discussion particularly resonated with me: More of today's workforce is seeking careers with social impact. It's the reason I decided to join Watertree Health earlier that month. The company's mission is to make health care more accessible to all people in America -- to improve their health. They have programs with key health-related nonprofits that provide an ongoing revenue stream to these organizations. In 2015 alone, Watertree Health saved cardholders $84 million on prescription costs, raised enough money to provide almost one million meals to 15 local food bank partners and donated $530,000 to Make-A-Wish. As a member of the team, I not only assist in growing the company, but I participate in its goal to expand its philanthropic efforts. Watertree Health cultivates a culture of helping, and social responsibility is ingrained in the corporate DNA.

  As Grovo CEO and Cofounder, Jeff Fernandez wrote in Forbes recently, "Paycheck Or Purpose? Today's Employees Demand Both". Last year, I first co-wrote with Jeff about "Digital Skills Urgently Needed to Bridge Digital Literacy Gap". At the time, his company had partnered with Capital One to announce the Future Edge Digital Literacy Challenge at the Clinton Global Initiative America. An initiative designed to bring free digital literacy education to the masses, it empowers people with the skills needed to compete for the millions of secure, well-paying middle-skill jobs that today's employers are actively looking to fill.

  More recently, Grovo was named to the coveted CNN Upstart 30 "Idealists" list, and also Icreon consultants' "Top 10 Startups To Work for in 2015" list, along with Slack, Birchbox and Venmo. On January 26th, it announced $40M in Series C funding led by existing investor Accel with participation from Greg Waldorf, Costanoa Venture Capital, SoftTech VC and Vayner Capital. Jeff's company solves learning & development (L&D) problems for such brands as Major League Baseball, Equinox, Whole Foods, Chevron, the Kansas City Chiefs and DDB.

 I interviewed Jeff further about his thoughts on social impact.

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