Mac’s Nonprofit Podcast Playlist for Social Changemakers

          By Mac Pritchard 

Podcasts have become an important resource for nonprofit leaders and it’s no mystery why. You can find dozens of shows about nonprofit work that share personal stories, actionable ideas or in-depth interviews that will inspire and help you do your job better.

Podcasts are convenient, too.  Like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming television services, podcasts offer on-demand media that you can consume when and where you like. And unlike video, you can listen to a podcast while doing other things: errands, working out or walking the dog.

And podcasts are growing in popularity. In fact, a recent survey found that 39 million Americans — about the same number that use Twitter — have listened to one or more podcasts in the last month.

Are you still new to the world of podcasting? Here’s a playlist of five shows for social changemakers that we love to get you started and make a difference in your nonprofit work:
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