Social Media Benchmarks for Smaller Organizations

From the Nonprofit Technology Network

When it comes to technology, it's often assumed that smaller organizations just don't have the resources to use the tools and services that larger nonprofits do. Fancy databases? Too expensive. Up-to-date computers on a working network? Not enough tech savvy staff to keep it going. While there are exceptions to the rule – and cloud services are helping make more of those exceptions – it's generally the case. We see it year after year in our IT Staffing Survey – unless, as it turns out, you are talking about social media. 

In the recently released Nonprofit Network Social Network Survey, we see that when it comes to social media, smaller nonprofits are keeping pace with their larger counterparts, adopting and using social media at similar rates. It helps, of course, that Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all free to use. But it still takes an investment of time, and small nonprofits are making it..."