One more Arts Commission veto to override

Message from Ken May, Executive Director, South Carolina Arts Commission

One more of the Governor's vetoes remains to be overridden in the Senate. Veto 105 eliminates $250,000 in ARRA (stimulus) funds earmarked for grant making. Without these ARRA funds, grant budgets for arts education and arts organizations will be reduced on average by 27%.
The programs affected include:
Arts education: 68 grants statewide, affecting an estimated 309 schools and well over 100,000 students
Operating support for arts organizations: 149 organizations throughout the state
Subgranting: Grants to nine local arts agencies that match our funds and then regrant the combined amount to community organizations.

Here's a recap of what happened last week: Thanks to the efforts of arts supporters who contacted their legislators in overwhelming numbers, the House restored Arts Commission funding by overriding the Governor's vetoes. The Senate, while overriding veto 32, did not have time to take up veto 105. The Senate returns June 29 to finish the budget.

While we are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support thus far, the work is not done until the Senate overrides the ARRA veto. You may wish to
contact your state Senator to encourage an override of veto 105 and say thank you for overriding veto 32.
Contacts should be made before the legislature reconvenes on Tuesday, June 29.