Tech Wellness in the Workplace: Tips for Avoiding Collaborative Overload

By Beth Kantor

I’m thrilled to be doing a session with Aisha Moore and Gina Schmeling at the NTEN NTC called “Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace.”  If you are attending the NTC, please join us.  The session is designed to answer three questions:

 Why does collaborative technology overload lead to loss of nonprofit workplace productivity and what are the best practices to avoid it? (Beth)
When does technology boost personal productivity for nonprofit professionals and when does it get in the way? (Aisha)

What are some examples of technology and nonprofit case studies that supports health, fitness, and wellness in the nonprofit workplace? (Gina)

During our book tour for The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout,” my co-author, Aliza Sherman and I discussed the issue of effective personal use of technology, including taking breaks, standing desks, and other tips geared for the individual.    In the book, we also talk about technology wellness in the nonprofit workplace, but I have been looking forward to an opportunity to go deeper on how teams of people in nonprofits can avoid technology overload caused by collaboration platforms and process.   This connects very nicely to the leadership development for emerging leaders that I’ve been working on lately.   This blog post shares some thoughts.

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