6 Guiding Principles For Nonprofit Executive Directors

By Jay Love
via www.business2community.com

Perhaps it is time to share what seem to be the common guiding principles of those top leaders. Hopefully, they will beneficial for anyone in a leadership role at any size nonprofit. Here are six guiding principles every nonprofit executive director should hold dear:

1) They Function as the Official Leader of the Fundraising TeamAnyone, who has been in fundraising as a profession or a volunteer, knows that every major donor, foundation and sponsor has a strong desire to have a relationship with the CEO/Executive Director.

If that leader does not embrace this role the ripple effects on this key part of revenue generation can be strong, if not disastrous!
However, if fully embraced ever increasing levels of fundraising success can be achieved and built upon.

2) Building Alliances and Partnerships is a Key Strategic AreaThis ties into the leadership role described above and moves it into whole new areas. The new areas encompass not just revenue generation, but also expense containment, the delivery of services core to the mission and complementary services.

Such alliances and partnerships can also be critical in recruiting staff and volunteers and in come cases even board members.

In some situations it can lead to mergers and acquisitions, which allow the proper scaling of the organization to truly deliver on its mission!