2 Strategies for Overcoming Common Fundraising Challenges All Nonprofits Face [Infographic]

By Frank Barry, Guest Blogger at Ask Beth Blog

Note from Beth: As we head into the home stretch of the giving season, there are lots and lots of wonderful holiday giving campaigns and plenty of fundraising data to guide strategy.  Frank Barry offers this guest post with some advice about how to succeed with nonprofit fundraising in 2013.

End of year fundraising is in full swing, but with 2013 right around the corner most nonprofits are balancing their biggest fundraising push with putting plans in place to kick off the new year with a bang.

Good planning always takes into account risks or challenges that could prevent you from reaching your goals as well as strategies to overcome those risks.

What challenges do nonprofits face? According to the State of the Nonprofit Industry (grab the full report here) nonprofits face four common challenges:
  • Increased demand for services
  • Flat or decreased fundraising
  • Greater scrutiny from donors
  • Consistently changing technology landscape


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