DonationMatch helps charities get donations from companies

By Kira M. Newman

If companies want to donate to charity, their traditional options are limited: post a form on their website for donation requests, or maybe visit a local nonprofit. But a few services online are starting to connect them to nonprofits directly.

Auction Frogs connects businesses with nonprofits who need donations for their auctions.BrandingForGood takes donations so they can be auctioned off in the BiddingForGood marketplace, with the proceeds going to charity. And San Diego-based startup DonationMatch helps businesses get their products, gift certificates, and services into charity auctions, raffles, and swag bags.

DonationMatch, used by organizations like Curves and Make a Wish Foundation, has matched 160 events with over $1.2 million in donated items. To use the platform, businesses post their items and nonprofits make requests. Below, cofounder and CEO Renee Zau, who spent time in both the business and nonprofit worlds, explains how DonationMatch has grown.

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