The Power of Making a Difference

Inspirational journalist Daryn Kagan shows us the time to make a difference in the world is right now. Traditional news blares economic disaster and distressing situations around the world. Meanwhile, the hunger to matter and make a difference in the world still burns inside so many of us. Daryn shows how the time has never been better to take that leap. She reports from the front lines of people making a difference all over the world, including many who started without a penny in their pocket and she'll show you how you can do the same.
Registration is $20 in advance $30 at door.
Register at or call (843) 720-8528.
Sponsored by the Center for Women, The Sophia Institute and the Women's & Gender Studies Program at The College of Charleston.
Thursday, January 15 7:00 p.m. Admissions Auditorium, Robert Scott Small Building, College of Charleston, St. Philips & Calhoun Streets