Grantseeking Best Practices

An informational booklet just came across my desk and eventhough it focuses on finding grants to maintain a particular electronic resource it does have some tips all grantseekers could use.

1. Get your idea on paper
Write down and organize your thoughts about your project and how it will benefit the community. Sometimes getting ideas down on paper can help illustrate goals more clearly and help identify grants most relevant to your objectives.

2. Know your Deadlines
Not only do you need to know when the grant is due, but how long it will take you to compile information, speak to or seek out the right resources and any other issues that could interfere with a timely grant proposal. Set deadlines, make others aware of them, and then stick to your deadline to ensure the best chance of completion for your grant.

3. Get the Facts
Aside from informationand statistics about your community you will need to know specific information about your organization. Know what information is needed and request it from your sources early to ensure you don not miss out on a deadline.

4. Fine-Tune and Submit
Once you have completed your request and compiled all the required information, ask your colleagues and administrators to review it and make suggestions.

-Taken from How to Win Grants and Secure Investment Databases by Morningstar Library Services