Nonprofit Spotlight

The Charleston Clemente Project
Located at the Palmer Campus of Trident Technical College, The Charleston Clemente Project offers 2 free college-level humanities courses to the homeless and disadvantaged.The hope of the project is that the study of the humanities will help to generate the critical thinking skills needed to escape multi-generational poverty.
The courses -- HSS 102 (art and American history offered in the fall) and HSS 101 (philosophy, literature, and writing offered in the spring) -- are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 - 7:20 pm. Students are provided with free tuition, books, meals each class, bus passes, one on one mentorship, and refurbished computers. They also go on various field trips to museums, art galleries, plays, symphonies, etc. I
nterested students should contact the director of the project, Dr. Mary Ann Kohli, at 720-5713 or 795-2247. They will need to take a placement test, which is administered free of charge, and make a high enough score to be admitted into the class.
Volunteer mentors are always needed, and interested mentors should also contact Dr. Kohli.